Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Under a Month...

In just under a month I'll be twenty-six years old. Twenty-six seems like a weird age to me. It's not a milestone by any means. Not even partially, like twenty-five seemed to be. Instead it's just one step closer to another milestone, thirty. I'm not scared, no over-reacting here...I'm just saying twenty-six kind of feels like no-man's-land. Like a half-birthday or something. You know how when you're little and you tell people you're eight and a half...that's kind of what it feels like twenty-six will be. But, nonetheless, I'm looking forward to it.

My twenty-fifth year has been a good one. I have good friends, probably more than I had in my early twenties. I've got a home and my very own little family unit that I'm so in love with. Life is good, and for the most part, easy! I get pleasure from the small things in life, like going to the dog park and seeing Cheese running or snuggling up with Antoine on the couch eating pizza and watching a movie or a fun [aka "tame"] night out with the girls. I think those things are important. They are simple things, but I think all too often those things are overlooked and I like that I'm at a place in my life where I cherish those kinds of things.

Every year, in early February, I usually set aside an entire weekend for birthday activities, because I've always felt why should your birthday just be celebrated on one day. It's a thing I started in college and have been doing ever since! It's a birthday extravaganza, if you will! Usually there's a day reserved just for hanging out with the girls. Another for Antoine and me time. And another mega-day involving food, drinks and some sort of activity (usually bowling). But the thing I have learned over the years is the bigger production you make of your birthday the more opportunity there is to be let down. I'm not saying that last years' birthday festivities were a train wreck, I'm just saying things didn't go as planned. So, this year I've decided to limit it...a girls day of most likely eating, shopping and possibly cupcake and/or ice cream devouring. And then, for my actual birthday, I will spend the day with Antoine (who never fails to disappoint)!

This year we have decided to have a [strangely wonderful] classy birthday of all things classy, in which we stay at home, in our pajamas and be as classy as we possibly can! Are you confused? Well, I'm not surprised! We're strange, as you know, so whynot be strangely classy (for one absurd day) in our own special way! We will begin with some sort of "classy" breakfast (read: "brunch"), possibly something French or something with goat cheese that is caramelized!! Then, we will watch "classy" movies, like Casa Blanca (which I've never seen...oh the *shock* and horror!) or maybe something James Bond (with Sean Connery as Bond...also never seen!) OR something with Tom Selleck, because his mustache is very classy, you have to admit that!! Then, we will drink champagne and eat shrimp cocktail...because nothing is classier than ketchup and horseradish! Then maybe we'll play chess and drink martinis...or watch foreign films and smoke cigarettes using a cigarette know, because we are just that classy! Or maybe we'll order a pizza from Mio's and drink cherry coke and eat birthday cake!? Who knows what the day will bring...all I know is that twenty-six is bound to be a classy year!

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