Monday, January 31, 2011

A Weekend Viewed Through Instagram

If you aren't already familiar with Instagram, it's my latest favorite iPhone photo app, thanks to Adam, my HLP's boyfriend. Basically you take a picture, or upload an existing one from your library, then you choose from one of the 14 or so vintage style filters and voila! Fancy photo! That fancy photo is then uploaded to your Instagram profile, but it doesn't end there! You can take it a step further and share your photo on your favorite networking site: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, and/or Foursquare. So, not only does it have its own networking feature built in, but it also helps you share through other sites. Okay, there's my Instagram spiel, I apologize...I'm just kind of nuts about it at the moment!

Anyway, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was perfect. It was fun, lazy, and enjoyable...just as a weekend should be. But thanks to the "lazy" part, I didn't manage to get any of my SLR pictures uploaded. So, here's a concise view of my weekend through the wonderful lens of Instagram...

Saturday morning I woke up to the purrs and pawing of Guillermo.

Then I proceeded to beg Antoine to shave the mustache he had started growing. I just can't stand mustaches, I think it's because my dad sported a hideous, Tom Selleck-esque stache for most of the young life.

Antoine and I went to Half Day Cafe for breakfast. It was fantastic! Behold my banana pecan pancakes and turkey sausage links...YUM!

We went for a walk around Mainstrasse, taking pictures and checking out the shops. At one of the shops Antoine bought me these lovely tiger earrings, along with a pair of little black heart earrings!

As a little afternoon snack we stopped by Abby Girl Sweets for some cupcake goodness! The lemon blueberry cheesecake was pretty great, but the carrot spice is still my favorite!

Sunday was a very lazy day. After I got home from Sbux, I look a long nap on the couch and then proceeded to eat pizza and watch movies for the rest of the night. Even Cheese was feeling a little lazy. Here he is waiting for his dad to come back home with the pizza!

I love weekends like that, where you don't get anything done that you're supposed to do...but you have a great time exploring and/or being lazy! Sometimes (most of the time) having fun is more important than doing dishes/laundry/cleaning!

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