Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh the Excitement...

Hello Party People! It's me!! I know the blog might look a bit different, but it's still me! I did some last minute editing to the Clusterf#@k, made it a little more accessible and, I feel, a little easier to read. I've been thinking for a while now that the greenish colored background made the text a little bit difficult to read and felt a little too busy, so I went with my gut and switched it up! I'm pretty pleased with the results, and I hope you are too!

Anyway, onto why I am so excited today! Seriously, I'm like a little kid on sugar-crack in a toy store on their birthday and they can get anything they want! I know, right! Today I get to see my HLP!! Aka, my heterosexual life partner! Aka, my best friend! Aka, my ex-roommate of many many years. Aka, Amanda. You may remember that in early August my HLP moved to Indianapolis with her boyfriend and I was just a tad heartbroken! Well, today's the first day since then that I get to actually go to Indy and see her! And I'm so motherflippin' stoked! I not only get to see her, her bf, and her cat, I get to see her new digs in Indy! I'll be leaving today after work, driving straight to Indy (about 2 hours) and then spending the night and heading back home Saturday evening. I wish I could stay longer, but as usual, I have to open at Sbux on Sunday! Oh well, I'm still ridiculously excited! I've got all my clothes packed up in my car and ready to go! I've also got my camera, a bag full of chocolate chip cookies and a giant bottle of wine!! Tonight we're getting pizza, drinking wine, eating cookies and having quality HLP time!! And then tomorrow we have plans for Amanda to show me a little bit of Indy! It's going to be good times for sure!

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