Friday, December 9, 2011

How Many Grilled Cheese Sandwiches is Too Much?

*Answer: 293, 125

And luckily I haven't hit that number yet.  Although I am trying my hardest.  If you've read my blog before you know I'm kind of cuckoo for this place in Cleveland called Melt!  As in, I think it's one of the greatest creations since ice cream or basset hounds.  Yeah, it's pretty awesome.  I may have a teeny-tiny addiction to the place.  Actually, it's bad!  If anyone hears of a rehab facility specializing in insanely good grilled cheese sandwich addictions, you let me know!  Luckily Unfortunately, Melt is in Cleveland and I live in Cincinnati.  Oh, but my nearest and dearest friend happens to live in Cleveland...what!?  Oh yeah, that's right.  I might love her a little bit more than I love Melt, but I will bite her hand off if it gets between me and my tasty delicious melty goodness!  She knows it's true.  But she still loves me.

So, while I was up in Cleveland visiting said hlp last weekend it was kind of assumed that we were going to Melt at some point during the weekend.  We decided to go on Sunday, right before I headed home...mainly because we didn't want to remove ourselves from the couch and tv the night before and therefore ordered in some pizza (our ex-roommate M.O.).  When Sunday rolled around I was SO ready for a grilled cheese I could almost taste it.  Before we walked through the door Amanda and I knew what we were getting, we're in sync like that.  We, Amanda, her boyfriend and myself, sat our selves down and our friendly waiter took our order.  And we waited.  It was sometime in the middle of waiting for our food that Amanda's boyfriend said, "So, you really like this place!  The last two times you've come to Cleveland we've went to Melt."  I chuckled and corrected him, "EVERYTIME that I've come to Cleveland, since Amanda has moved here, we've come to Melt!  It's like a tradition!"  An unspoken, ooey-gooey tradition of awesomeness!  And while I'm generally not the kind of person who's really into tradition(s)...this is one I can get behind!  So, without further ado, more pictures of gorgeous grilled cheese sandwiches that will make your mouth water:

 Every month at Melt they have a Sandwich Special.  Last month it was a Thanksgiving inspired sandwich (Antoine got it and said it was awesome!), and this month it was The Mighty Macaroni Melt, homemade macaroni & cheese that's been breaded and fried, with your choice of cheese.  When Amanda told me this, I knew I wanted it.  They also had another special called the Dudefather, which took two of their sandwiches, The Dude Abides and The Godfather, put them in a room alone together, cranked up the Barry White and let them create the most insane of lovechild.  The Dudefather has homemade meatballs, fried mozzerella sticks, three cheese lasagna, and provolone and romano cheeses on garlic infused bread.  Did your mind just explode!?  I know my did when I read the description!  Insane!  My brain and my belly couldn't handle it, although I was tempted!

 And look at it!  The Mighty Macaroni indeed!  Oh my.  Wait, would you like a closer look!?

BOOM!  It was really good.  The mac n' cheese was herby and delicious.  I would have liked a little something more on the sandwich, maybe some grilled onions or bacon.  That would have made it out of this world.

Now, I knew I wanted the Macaroni Melt, but there was also that little voice in my head that said, "But what about the Parmageddon?  You love the Parmageddon!  Are you just going to abandon it?!"  Dilemma!  And, of course, my hlp had the solution...we'd share!  Oh, she is so very wise.  *Hint: in order for me to get along with a person really well they need to be willing to share food.  I'm a big fan of getting two meals and splitting them with someone else, so I can sample more than one thing.  My sister does it.  Antoine does it.  And Amanda does it.  And I love them hardcore because of that.  Well, and for other reasons too, like they're awesome and I love them.  And don't you get any ideas, they're mine!  All mine!!!

Oh Parmageddon, please have my babies!  Our love is one for the history books.  It is written in the stars. 

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