Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Sweet Stuff

Last year, around this time, my sister and I got together and baked a ridiculous amount of Xmas cookies.  It was fun!  We listened to Xmas music, danced around, and decorated.  And in the end I had enough cookies to handout little Xmas goodies bags at work and send some to friends.  All in all, a win-win.  So, this year we decided to do it again.  And like last year, we had a blast...

 This year we decided to try out a new recipe, Gingerbread Cookie Sandwiches, and I'm so glad we did!  It was a huge hit, at least with Michelle and I...

They're kind of like a cross between a gingerbread whoopie pie and an oatmeal cream pie.  Delicious!

 Since we were trying out a new recipe, we wanted to go with two standbys as our other recipes, just in case the new one flopped.  After last year, so many people raved about the almond biscotti we made that that seemed like a no-brainer.  Another obvious choice was the toffee bark, which we made last year as well.  It's easy to make and a big crowd pleaser.
 And it's no wonder why it is such a hit, look at all the butter and margarine that goes into it!  Geez!

 Toffee bark, before being baked.

 After they come out of the oven, you drizzle the bark with milk chocolate...


The finished product, I made up about nine of these for work folks, then sent a couple containers of cookies out in the mail to some special friends!

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Anonymous said...

toffee bark ... whimper whimper. it looks amazing! also those caramels with pumpkin & pumpkin seeds that Michelle made for one of the teas yowza. you two do awesome work!