Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Big News!!

So, I've got some very big news to share with you all.  Well, it might now be new news to you if you're a facebook or twitter friend, but oh well, just act like it is, okay!?  My big mountain of awesome news?  Oh, you know, Antoine proposed!!  And I naturally said yes, because I ain't no fool!

Sit on down, get comfy and I'll tell you all the story of surprise and jubilation...

It happened on Monday.  Monday December 19th.  I was home sick from work with a cold, but by the afternoon I was feeling a little more lifelike.  Antoine was out running some errands.  I was home in my pjs, crocheting on the couch with the Cheese-man by my side, popping cough drops like nobody's business.

Exhibit A

Antoine came home and was acting a little funny.  But that's normal, were we have a tendency to be weirdos sometimes (shh, don't tell the normal people).  Plus, I was kind of in the zone with the scarf I was working on.  Do-do-do-do-do.  (That's me in the crocheting zone, by the way!)  So, Antoine asks me to come into the dining room.  I'm like, "yeah, yeah, let me finish this row!"  (Silly person! Pay attention. Big things are about to happen!)  So I walk in and he points to the chalkboard wall, where he has written "Will You Marry Me!?".  I look stunned and turn back to him and he's on his knee saying he loves me and will I marry him!  I can't really remember what I said next, besides yes...then I proceeded to hug him a million times and say "But I'm sick!  And I'm in my pajamas!?"  Like that matters!

Sparkly custom-made ring based on a 1930s design. I am in love! 

So, now I call my boyfriend my fiance, which feels weird but awesome.  I'd say Antoine is going to make an honest lady out of me, but I don't think that's really possible (I would never and will never describe myself as "a lady"!).  I am beyond excited!  But I'm still in that phase of giggly, fluttery nervousness right now, and it feels strange to have a ring on my finger (I never wear rings).  Especially one so sparkly!  But it feels strange in the best way possible!  I can't stop staring at my finger.  Antoine can't stop staring at my finger.  It's delightful!

So, anticipate some engagement/wedding talk on here.  I cannot deny that it's going to be on the brain, so, consider yourself forewarned! 

Merry Christmas to me indeed!!


Christian said...

The ring and the proposal are lovely.

Heather said...

My ring is an antique from the 30s as well - love love love it! Congrats!!!!