Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend in Instagram

I have failed you all.  Please don't hate me too much.  I didn't blog this weekend.  It's not that time got away from me or I forgot about it, it was one of those moments when I stopped and thought to myself "I could stop and post something really quick!  But, nah."  I was having too good of a time in the moment, spending time with my long lost fella (it's had been nearly two weeks of not seeing him).  That little voice in my head said, "hey, you need to blog", but then I ignored.  The urge to make dinner and sit down to eat at the table together felt much more important.  That feeling of loving the moment so much more than the words or pictures I would have posted, yeah, I had that a lot this weekend.  So, please forgive me for breaking my promise.  But you know what, I'm not at all mad at myself for doing it and I don't regret it one bit.  Anyway, here's some highlights from the weekend...

 I started crocheting my first ever infinity scarf this weekend.

 Antoine bought us this cute little robot ornament for our tree.

 While Antoine was snuggled up with Cheese on the couch Saturday morning, I whipped up my best cafe au lait yet.

 He is literally a Cheese-ball.

 My new socks!  I love them, a lot!  They happen to be men's, but lucky for me I have big feet so they fit!

 De-seeding a pomegranate is a gruesome task.

 Saturday night side dish: pomegranate balsamic brussel sprouts.  Yum!  (recipe to come)

 I'm really digging this whole dinner-at-the-table thing, especially when I sit across from this guy!

 He's a close-talker.

 Infinity scarf finished...BOOM!  And it's all mine!

 Antoine at the last tea.  So sad, but glad we got to be there.

 A little treat for myself.  I'm in love!

 Sunday night juice making...

...and veggie roasting.

So, yeah, my weekend was fantastic.  I wouldn't have changed a second of it!  What about you, how was your weekend?

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