Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend (in Cleveland) in Instagram

 My HLP's cat, Lucy...who acts more like an energetic dog than a cat!

 Saturday night in with my HLP, wine and Dr. Quinn.  We're almost to the end of season 5.  A couple more episodes and we'll be on the last season!  It's only taken us like 4 or 5 years!

 Make that wine, DQ and pizza!  Good times!

 Sunday morning sunrise from my HLP's apartment.

 Oh Cracker Barrel, I don't really like your food, but when I'm driving solo and I need to're the perfect place!  Clean, friendly and devoid of creepy truckers!

 Once I got back to Cincinnati I picked up the Cheese-man from Country Lane (where we board him).  Dude was SMELLY!  So he got a bath as soon as we got home!  

 Since Guillermo was by himself all weekend, I kind of expected to come home and find ornaments all over the house or the tree down on the floor!  Nope.  It was just as I left it!  What a good cat!

 Post-bath Cheese going bananas on his bone!

Gui stayed right by my side as soon as I got home...he even wanted to share my pillow when I finally went to bed.  He's kind of my stalker!

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