Friday, December 2, 2011

Tour of My Department

Amidst all the madness that is renovation (i.e. walls being torn down, shelving being disassembled and moved out, book trucks being shoved towards the back of the department, and equipment arriving daily, some in wooden boxes as big as small cars), I managed to snap a few photos of the conservation bench.  The conservation bench area is where we do all of our repairs.  And throughout all the dust and demolition it has remained the only unscathed area in the department.  Also, once everything is completed and those enormous boxes of equipment are unpacked our conservation bench area will be doubled in size...which is quite exciting!

Japanese paste brushes

  finishing press

 stamping tools

 (plain ol') boards

 type for the hot stamper

  closeup of our giant standing press

 tunnel view of our giant finishing press

 brass-edged boards

bonefolder and textblock sewn on tapes

Happy Friday folks!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I am heading up to Cleveland this weekend to spend some quality time with my hlp!!  Yay!  How about you, any fun plans in the works?

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