Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Known Fact

Unless you're my best friend, my mom or Antoine you probably don't know the in's and out's of my dislikes when it comes to food. It's not an easy list to memorize (exhibit A: my sister, who tries but still thinks I don't like eggs...when really I don't like egg salad because of the mayonnaise). In fact very few have committed the list to memory (i.e. the above mentioned individuals), and really, why should anyone [besides those three] know anyway!? Okay, back to where I was originally going with this...even if you don't know the exact foods I despise, you probably know (unless you're a you, my non-existent readers) that I'm not a fan of Mexican food. I don't hate it, I just very rarely say, "Ooo, I could go for some Mexican food right about now!" It happens every once in a while, I'll have a sudden craving, but usually only once a year or so. And I have an interesting theory as to why I don't care for Mexican food...and it involves me as an embryo.

When my mother was pregnant with me she had the normal strange cravings that pregnant women have, but more than anything else she craved Mexican food. And not just any Mexican food....Chi Chi's. Those were the good old days when there were still Chi Chi's restaurants and not just the chips and salsa that they sell in the grocery store. I don't know exactly how often my mother went to Chi Chi's when I was in the womb, but my guess would be A LOT! During the first three or four months of my mother's pregnancy her best friend and next door neighbor Cindy was also pregnant (and also craving Chi Chi's). What happens when you put two pregnant women together who are both craving Chi Chi's...a crap ton of Mexican food and some indigestion! Now, I'm told that they would go to Chi Chi's all the time together, stuffing their faces with chips, salsa, corn cake, and tacos. Now, at some point during the last few months of gestation little baby fetus me had had enough with all that Mexican food. I said (I obviously imagine myself to be similar to Stewie from Family Guy, fully conscious in the womb and able to talk...but without the British accent), "Alright already! Enough with the Chi Chi's! Give me a frickin' pizza! Extra cheese!" And in my little baby frustration I kicked my mom in the ribs, hard enough to break a couple! Lesson to be learned here...don't mess with a baby that's had it's fill of Mexican food!

So, I emerged from the womb, a bouncing baby girl...plump from all that Mexican food. And somehow my mother's craving for Chi Chi's didn't stop...and we continued to be avid customers at the restaurant throughout most of my early life. While my parents loved the food, I continued to rebel against it and ordered only grilled chicken sandwiches until I was in my late teens...and by that time Chi Chi's had closed. And while I rejoyed, my parents were quite saddened by the closing.

Now I'm a little less selective when it comes to what I'll eat when I go to a Mexican restaurant...tacos, fajitas, burritos, etc. And I will admit, I do love that corn cake stuff, it's delicious! And actually last night I tried enchiladas for the first time and they were okay...although I did scrape off some of the chili con carne sauce. Yes, I actually had a craving for Mexican last night and that's what prompted this post...the secret's out! I'm busted! Go ahead, call the authorities!

Anyway, happy Thursday! Only two more days to the weekend!

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