Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Flower Box Starting to Bloom & The Reason Why Cats Love Spring

Spring is officially here. Things are no longer grey and cold, instead green is emerging everywhere and the frost has dissipated. This Spring is particularly exciting since it is our first in the house. Even though Antoine and I haven't started the bulk of our adventure into gardening, we're already starting to reap some green-thumbed rewards. Last year, just after we bought the house, we planted some bulbs in our flower box that sits outside our bedroom windows. And miracle of miracles they've actually started to bloom! Now, you should know a little something about me...I'm a notorious plant killer! I look at a plant and it withers up and dies. But this is the first time I've planted something and it's actually grown. There's hope for me yet!

Pink hyacinth starting to bloom.

We planted hyacinth, tulips and daffodils (some of my favorite Spring flowers).

Now, onto the part about the cats. Last night I came home from work and it was a pleasant 60 degrees and sunny. So I decided to open up all the upstairs windows and enjoy the sunshine. And the cats seemed to think this was perhaps the most brilliant thing I've ever done! They all scurried upstairs and hoped into a window to experience all the sights, sounds, and smells that early Spring has to offer.

Guillermo in the bathroom window.

Missy in the hallway window.

Buddy enjoying the bedroom window and the flower box.

Gui taking in the evening sunlight.

Speaking of's my favorite new addition to the livingroom. These three bottles were actually bottles of wine (a Riesling that was actually pretty decent). I figured why not recycle them, it seemd like the perfect idea since the colors coordinate with our livingroom decor. Even more proof that I am in fact a cat lady!

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