Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

This weekend was amazing! Even though I had to work Saturday afternoon, I ended up having a blast both Saturday and Sunday! I spent Saturday night with my best friend for her birthday, which was good times. Awesome food at Emanu (one of my favorite restaurants), good HLP/girl talk and beers at Habits afterwards!

Me and Amanda...Happy 26th A!

Then today Antoine and I both had the day off (a rarity). And while we should have spent the day cleaning the house...instead we spent it having a fun, relaxing day together...and it was so worth it! We went and got crepes at It's Just Crepes (yum!) for breakfast, then we went to Findlay Market (I heart Findlay Market!) to buy some goodies for dinner and dessert, then it was off to Mariemont for a walk in the beautiful sunlight and some picture taking. We followed that up with a trip to Newport to see Alice in Wonderland (really good) and then back to the house for brats and gelato (aka "dinner and dessert"). It was such a wonderful I wish I could put on repeat for a month or more!

Antoine drinking a Mexican coke at Dojo!

We're goofy, but we can't help it! We kinda like each other!

The only downside to my weekend was the mysterious flat I got Saturday night.

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