Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not So Good

Well, I just got off the phone with my boss from Sbux not too long ago. I had left a note for her last night and told her to call me today when she had some free time. The note posed the hypothetical question, "if I had to could I possibly shift my availability to exclude Friday, Saturday & Sunday?" [Reminder: right now I'm working Monday, Thursday and one weekend day.] With the possibility of Antoine doing consulting work I want to throw all my nets in to the water and see what I come up with. If he's out of town (in some far distant city) from Monday to Thursday or Friday I'd really like to have my weekends free so I could actually see the love of my life (I don't think that's a strange concept!). Alas, my boss turned me down, saying, I need to work one weekend day. This news put me in a less than fantastic mood...

...so don't be surprised if I spend the remainder of the evening on the couch crying my eyes out at the thought of never seeing Antoine again and shoving my face full of gelato!

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