Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Addition the blog, that is!

Over to the right side you'll notice I've added a little section called "Things I Love". Now, of course, I stole this idea from the wonderful Pioneer Woman, I couldn't help myself. I've decided to update it every week and put a new list of things I love.

In other news, I'm not feeling too hot today but I've forced myself to come into work. I had a rocky night (emotionally speaking) involving some snooping I shouldn't have done on Antoine's old hard drive and a bunch of pictures of his ex (Have I mentioned I'm a snoopy person by nature? As a kid I usually knew most, if not all, of the presents I was getting for Christmas). Not the most enjoyable thing in the world, but after tears and hugs (and some deleting by Antoine) I'm feeling much better! I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes I find the idea of my boyfriend being with someone else (before me) I little upsetting? I get all girly and emotional when I think about it, "He's mine, no body else's! How dare he have a life before he met me!" As irrational as that is, it's how I feel on the subject. By the way, we're talking a five to six year relationship...not just a year or two...SIX! That's a lot for me to handle, but I've come to grips with it, that is, until last night when I say pictorial proof of said relationship. Now, let me say this, not for one second did I doubt Antoine's love for me or his commitment, but this slew of pictures (some elicit) of Antoine's previous serious relationship was a little difficult and disturbing to take in. And it didn't help much that I did this snooping while he was at his part time job and therefore I was left (of my own doing) to sit and stew on the couch for the rest of the night. Antoine, once he got home, reaffirmed everything I knew to be true about us and about before he met me, and then he did some deleting. And now, I'm feeling much better, besides the stomach ache I have and the lack of sleep!

Well, that's probably more than you needed to know, but oh well!

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